Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why are the CPI numbers on 8/15 important?

1. Tomorrow's CPI numbers will give us an indication of the Fed's next move in the market. If the CPI is lower (than expected), then the risk of inflation will not deter the Fed from jumping into the market with more money to keep us move forward (or on an even-keel - I'm sure some would argue this move regardless). BUT, if the CPI is higher (than expected), then the Fed's hands will be tied and they will stay away from any injections into the market that would exacerbate the risks of higher inflation. With the Fed staying away, the market will be free to fall on its own (the general consensus being a fall to a point near March lows).

2. Another hot topic that just came about today is the fact that certain Money Market funds will not honor their redemption values (these are the funds that your brokerage accounts park cash into when they're not placed into securities, bonds, or mutual funds). If the brokerage houses can't guarantee that your cash value will remain positive while you sit out of the market, then why have your money with the brokers at all.

3. Separate topic.. I found a view topics discussed about the advantages of the CCIM network in commercial real estate. One from a blogger that is taking CCIM courses in New Mexico today and is amazed at the few investors that spend the time going through the courses:

Howdy from my CCIM course in Albuquerque, NM......

Every time I take a CCIM course....I am humbled beyond the point of preference. The CCIM courses remind me how much I do not know. Even though I get up and teach commercial investing to a lot of you....there is a science behind commercial real estate that most investors never see...and do not care to see. It does not surprise me that I am one of a handful of investors in the class full of real estate brokers and agents. If you have any interest as an investor in learning more....I highly recommend attending a CCIM course....www.CCIM.com

Another blog describes the alliance that the CoStar Group and the CCIM network have created to allow CCIM members (yours truly) access to market data developed from CoStar's network of researched and verified commercial listings:

The partnership will also enable CCIM members to access CoStar Connect, a service that lets brokers and owners post their own for lease and for sale listings on their own web sites using CoStar's listing information and building photos. CoStar Connect automatically updates and manages customers' online property information.

This deal with CCIM is a big win for CoStar, as competition in the commercial real estate listings space continues to strengthen. CoStar and its nearest competitor, LoopNet, are trying to position themselves as the workflow platform of choice for the industry. Working with CCIM, which is an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, will definitely help CoStar raise its profile within the industry and offering tools such as CoStar Connect will also help motivate members to regularly utilize that and all of CoStar's features. The alliance undoubtedly expands CoStar's reach--more than 8,700 commercial real estate practitioners hold the CCIM designation.

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