Thursday, November 22, 2007

8 Interesting News Stories

It's Thanksgiving 2007 and before the rush of the day, I sat down to catch up on some articles that I've archived over the past week. Here is the list of several interesting news articles I've been saving to review and comment on, given the busy last two weeks with clients:

  1. Millionarie Household chart - per country (US is 5.5x over #2);
  2. SIV Superfund has picked a top flight manager to handle the $75B fund;
  3. Gov. Schwarzenegger works with Lenders to Help California Homeowner;
  4. NAR releases 3Q housing results - As defaults increase, lenders pull back;
  5. Liberty Dollars seized by FBI;
  6. Preview for the Top 5 gadgets from CES 2008 - via Popular Mechanics;
  7. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Crash - charts;
  8. Six brilliant marketing campaigns - with videos;

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