Thursday, December 4, 2008

Timeless Management "Laws" came up with a list of 5 timeless management laws (summary below):

  1. Manager assumes all responsibility: Your performance isn't determined by your personal accomplishments, but by those of your entire team.
  2. Manager is confident: It is important to project decisiveness and self-assurance in every situation if you want your employees to trust your leadership abilities.
  3. Manager knows the staff: The same way a sales person needs to be familiar with the product line in order to do the right job, it is crucial to be aware of your employees' respective strengths and weaknessess.
  4. Manager provides regular feedback: Whether things are going well or taking a turn for the worse, keep your employees apprised of their progress within the company.
  5. Manager leads by example: Employee often emulate their superior's behavior because they perceive it as a model of success.

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