Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blue is bad, red is good came out with a graphical interface to show the housing market at a glance in 161 MSA's around the country..

U.S. home values continued to slide for the ninth consecutive quarter, declining 14.2 percent from a year ago, and falling 21.8 percent since the market peak in 2006. Additionally, one-fifth (21.9%) of all homeowners in the United States is in negative equity, and one in five homes sold in the past 12 months was a foreclosure.

Zillow Q1 Real Estate Market Reports track 161 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) throughout the U.S., identifying market trends including, but not limited to: five and 10-year annualized change, negative equity, short sales and foreclosure transactions.

To view this data for the nation and 161 MSAs, click on the Excel icon  below to see the report or click the graph icon  to see graphs and maps suitable for printing. Scroll and click the interactive map to explore each metropolitan area.

For more information about Zillow's Q1 Real Estate Market Reports, including the press release and additional graphics, visit the special Real Estate Market Reports section in the Zillow press room.


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