Tuesday, October 9, 2007

CLTA Debuts California Title Website

Sacramento Business Journal reports that the CLTA and the California Insurance Commissioner's office has debuted a Title insurance website, TitleWizard, to allow consumers to compare title insurance rates. My first run was a residential refinance on my home and Old Republic Title was about $500 cheaper than 1st American. Then I ran a purchase of my house and the rates were $700 cheaper across the board than for a refinance (assuming that I was the Seller, of course).

Too bad for commercial brokers and agents, the website doesn't factor in rates on commercial deals (I thought I was on to something).

Anyway, worth the look..


MCS said...

I also saw this new website today and agree that it is a great service. I am all for bringing more knowledge to consumers about title insurance and hopefully this new venture can help do that.

Sean M. Broderick, CCIM said...

The site is indicative to the American way in the internet age: "better, faster and cheaper"

And good for the consumer..

Anonymous said...

any such service in Texas?

Sean M. Broderick, CCIM said...

None that I've found so far.. Perhaps as the site gains accepts, someone will run with it in other parts of the country.

Anonymous said...

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