Friday, July 13, 2007

Interesting items I found on the web today

Home buyers and home sellers alike can find more innovative and useful features than ever on real estate web sites, which are nimbly adapting to the U.S. housing slump. Residential agents are beginning to be wary of and – while investors, lenders and homeowners are using valuation tools like, and

At market close today, Research in Motion (RIM)'s market cap of $42.3 billion edged out Motorola's $41.4 billion. This despite the fact that RIM's annual revenue of $3 billion is puny next to Motorola's nearly $43 billion. (Yes, you read that right; Motorola's market cap is less than its annual revenue.)

A new service called Ether ( provides an innovative and easy way to sell what you say to others that need or want your expertise.

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