Sunday, September 9, 2007

Need a Sunday morning top 10 list?

I guess it's the effects of a lazy Sunday morning (or perhaps the result of a Saturday night out), but I'm not finding much inspiration (or clarity to offer my origin comments) from the news feeds (and blogs) to comment about this morning. So, the intent here is to show all of the feeds that have some interest this morning (an eclectic group for sure):

  1. Las Vegas speculators now rolling craps
  2. Now the buyers have the hammer
  3. I want my half
  4. A sign of life in private equity
  5. Help find Steve Fossett
  6. Black Book launches new tool
  7. I am the #2 make money online blog
  8. Who is the youngest real estate blogger?
  9. Speed up your wireless WAN connection
  10. Sunglasses with hidden camera and attached PVR

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